Beliefs and Distinctives
There's a culture at MKE Lakeside that we hope you'll notice if you spend any amount of time with us.
Here are some things that permeate who we are and what we do.

Indwelling Christ
Christ lives in every believer. This is not a new concept, but it is often a reality we lose sight of. However, the core truth of our spiritual union with Christ — and our new identity in Him as a result — has implications for every aspect of our daily lives. At MKE Lakeside, this is a primary filter for teaching, for ministry, for daily living.

Grace lived out
Because Christ lives in us as a gift of grace, we seek to reflect his grace in the ways we interact with each other. Grace is not the end; rather, it is the means by which we receive Christ's love and give it — even when life gets messy.

Biblical teaching
Christ is the centerpiece of the Biblical witness, and as we exposit the Scriptures, we will see Him on every page. This is about more than a weekly moral pep rally — it is about discovering what Christ is inviting us into and stepping out in faith as he works powerfully in and through us.

Shared leadership
We believe all believers are equipped with spiritual gifts that are given by the Lord for the express purpose of building up the church. These gifts are given irrespective of age, gender, race, background, or experience, and it is our conviction that these gifts be used fully for leadership and ministry. In some traditions, the roles of leadership and teaching have been reserved for men. This is not the case at MKE Lakeside. Here, women are encouraged to exercise their gifts freely for the edification of the church.

Our position on marriage affirms the biblical understanding of marriage as a sacred covenant between one man (created by God and born as a man) and one woman (created by God and born as a woman).

World missions
We affirm that it is only in Jesus that a person finds forgiveness and reconciliation with God — and this is true of every person on the planet. Since its beginning, MKE Lakeside has been committed to reaching as many as possible with this message of hope, so that people everywhere can experience the Life of Christ.